Secret Santa: Blood donor confessions

I still remember how gentle, kind and upbeat she was, giving me two thumbs up. And how nonchalantly he put on the Cartoon channel for me. Secret Santas in action. First time donor When it comes to blood and needles – I am a wuss. The idea of extracting a Vitasoy pack-equivalent of my blood from my body is scary. The attendant who led me to the cushy armchair became on the receiving end of a chain of my questions, all of which in the hopes of finding something that reassures – “It it going to hurt?” “No, no. Just relax and watch TV.” He says casually.  The screens broadcasted the tired police press conference, so I asked if I could watch something else. “What would you want to watch?” “Cartoons.” I replied and he put on Cartoons for the screen in front of me. Some staff walked by and did a double-take at the cartoons. The guy didn’t make a fuss out of it and so neither did the others. The trainee Santa The … Continue reading Secret Santa: Blood donor confessions