Where My Heart Leads

Where My Heart Leads (WMHL) is an online zine of life and stories. Its covers inspiring ideas, enterprising individuals and the occasion reflection that piques our interest. We ask – What if – more of us live – with a renewed appreciation?

When we let our hearts lead, life and the journey take on a different light. 

Readers’ Favourites:

  1. Where to Invade Next
  2. The Beauty Pageant Question that stuck in my head for over 25 years
  3. 10-Day Vipassana camp as a first timer
  4. Havana Divas: Cuban Stage-sisters
  5. Emotional Decluttering – Marie kondo-ing yay or nay?

Be curious, ignite your zest, and come along!

Host & Editor-in-Chief

Fond of films, design and things cultural, Karen has a penchant for connecting the dots.  

Karen Tsui, Editor of Where My Heart Leads
Karen Tsui
Where My Heart Leads, Editor

Karen wondered – what if we could learn the world through stories, travel, and biopics? How fun that would be.

During Senior Spring at boarding school in New Hampshire, Karen took a class entitled, “Spring in Love” where Ms Robinson introduced to her to the world of films. At college, Karen and her freshman year roommate watched many films on her roommate’s turquoise imac. Thanks to free museum entrance as a student at Columbia University, Karen visited many exhibitions. Although at the time she didn’t quite comprehend it all, she nonetheless was curious enough to hone her eye for different design styles

Karen is Orchestrator-in-Chief at Orchestrii where she builds sleek, user-friendly websites and engaging marketing solutions with her visionary clients.

She is neither a cat nor a dog person, but more like a kids kinda person. 🙂