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Fixing ain’t the same as healing

Letter P by calligrapher EP lettering Toronto

Some two years ago, I woke up like any other morning, but found my left hand’s fourth and pinky finger collapsed. Limp, ugly, non responsive.

I went to bed placing my hands on my torso, thinking I’d send some healing energy. To my surprise, I woke up in the same position as I went to bed, both hands in the same position I placed them yesterday evening, and found two fingers immobile.

In my panic, I first went to Joan, who has helped me loads over the years. After the session, the fingers still didn’t move! Grrr. And what I missed or perhaps had dismissed was that there was nothing to be alarmed.

Desperation aka looking for a fix

However in my mode of “Fix-it” I was eager to search for a “Fix.”

I trekked to the other end of Hong Kong, past the “dark side” and even close towards the mainland to find in a dingy office an acupuncturist not of the usual kind that charged a fortune.

And even saw a chiropractor when I’ve figuratively “sworn off” anything to do with western medicine.

Saw Ea with rolfing, who after a few sessions turned me away. (in a kind way)

Fix, ain’t healed

And then finally Ta-Da: I found a Fixer! After the first session she got my fingers moving again. And in about 5 sessions had it practically “back to normal” or so I thought.

There is a reason why patients (going through a health condition) is called a patient – because they need to be patient. There are no ‘quick fixes.’

I say so because although the two fingers managed to not look ugly, and limp and can once again function, type etc – the fixing actually stalled something that I felt my body needed to heal by itself. And it is still, two years on, in the process of unraveling.

Had I heeded Joan’s tone or comment and clarified then, I probably could have saved myself quite a bit of angst, money for the treatments, and time.

Healing takes time

P for patience. Patient as healing takes time. Like detoxing old energies old ways takes time. There is not magic fix that makes things just go away.

P for process. Many things is a process. Experience the process. Enjoy the process. Savour the process.

And there is one more P.
Be Patient with the Process …and (practise).

Calligraphy image from @ep_lettering

Where My Heart Leads – Food for thought

  • What’s your take on healing vs fixing?
  • What might be a way to discern whether we are healing or fixing?
  • Have you recognised that some things in life are a process? (life itself too is a process!) How do you bring patience into play?

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