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Magic Happens – creating our space and energy

Mali Mali Home | Where My Heart Leads

Mali Mali Home! Abracadabra!

As the door to my friend’s studio-office opened, I was like WOW, so nice!

It’s been maybe 8 months since I last visited. Over the last couple of years, this friend has been making steady upgrades to her. The rug, the storage units for all the office stuff, as well as nice vintage-inspired sideboard from Tao Bay for cups and food serving items. The latest I presume is an upgrade of the sitting area with a new sturdy wood bench/couch with comfy cushions. 

The space was bright and feels like a mini haven protected from the hustle and bustle of the commercial district just down below. 

Energy & Feng Shui

My friend’s place demonstrates how the energy of a space can be created and changed. And sometimes it doesn’t even require fitting work, but some imagination and creativity. 

When I was looking for apartments, I had in my mind certain criteria. I wanted lots of light, I wanted a view, etc etc. So the real estate agent took me to a good handful. One had plenty of light. One had a great view of the race course, and one, which previously was inhabited by an expat couple faced another building, and had some sunlight.

In those days, I spoke to my teacher about it and said, the one without the sunlight and without the view, I actually preferred and like better. And he reminded me that the inhabitants can create the energy of the space. So if I preferred that one, I can work with that space and create it as I find fit. 

Decluttering and uplifting energy

In the run-up to Chinese New Year, as tradition has it the 28th day of the final month of the year is dedicated towards cleaning and decluttering the old. A marathon day of cleaning and filing away things I straightened out my living space that would also adhere to the Feng Shui master’s requirements. AKA, it’s best to sit in this square of the room. And this square, because it’s not so great energetically, make sure you don’t have boomboxes or be sitting there.

I once asked my teacher – if a space is deemed “not auspicious” does it mean we avoid it at all costs. To that he said, “Well, you can always change the energy of a place. You can put things you love to lift its energy and that changes the energy of the space.” 

So I put that in practice this year. Placing some artwork and decoration I like in that space and it’s now a nice little corner. 

I feel this ties in with the previous post on Shigeru Ban’s approach as an architect: With Paper Tubes, Building Social Change – New York Times.

And also my own lesson from decluttering

Happy working some magic!

Abracadabra! Mali Mali Hohm!

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