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Ichigo – Beautiful Japanese Strawberries

Inspired by @kimonomom’s husband who fluidly whipped up a layered strawberry fresh cream cake for her, I grabbed a tray of Japanese strawberries to go with a chocolate hazelnut cake I’d ordered for a birthday. Japanese strawberries are easily double or triple the price of regular US ones you’d find in supermarkets, and the price reflects the quality difference. They are fragrant, sweet, juicy, and happy. A friend who did an artist residency in Kawaguchiko near Mount Fuji came back saying the plants there looked so happy and healthy that she’d be happy to be a plant there! So Kimono mom’s husband quickly whipped up the fresh cream, and sliced the strawberries whilst their little 2 or 3 year old helped out spreading out the strawberries on the cream and digging in at the same time. It’s really eye opening to see how much exposure their little girl gets through “helping out” at the kitchen with peeling carrot skins, mixing ingredients in a mixing bowl, and even learning that each rice grain has seven gods …

Kefir in a bottle

Relationship with food and our wellbeing

A new type of training to connect with our bodies and sense our food.

We were taught to virtually “taste” chocolate to sense how our bodies would feel had we actually eaten the chocolates. And also eye-opening insights on how some people have amazing green fingers.

Your Inner physician and You | Where My Heart Leads

Your Inner Physician and You

Your Inner Physician and You is written by literally the founder (who discovered and developed) Cranio-Sacral Therapy. An ostheopath physician by training, during a surgery, assisting, he discovered something non of the medical books mentioned and thus opened up a new way we understand our physical bodies to assist in its healing.
A sharing of how it had helped clear eczema, and underlying emotional conditions.

Sky Earth Water Mouth Fuji | Where my heart leads

Mount Fuji Pilgrimage

4:38AM – August 26: I noticed the three teru teru bōzu ( Japanese spirit-dolls) hanging on the door at Munatsuki-sansō (胸突山荘) at station nine-and-a-half of the Fujinomiya trail to the top of Mount Fuji. They had been my guardian angels, praying for good weather for my successful ascent. Most of my fellow sojourners had already departed for the summit — they would miss watching the sunrise from the top if they weren’t arriving there by now. It was freezing outside — I had gone around to the bathroom behind the lodge and also that seemed to be everyone’s first topic of the day. I was standing at the doorway, gathering myself, contemplating whether I should linger longer inside the lodge for the sun to rise more and the air to warm up further. But the staff of the lodge must have seen me standing there with all my belongings on my back, looking ready to go. I could feel their gaze on me; it would be awkward not to leave now, so I said a …