Pearl Law’s Ultimate Top 7 London Noms

Yolk on bed of green pasta from Padella London | Where My heart Leads

Hear it from Pearl Law (aka Pearlperoni) – from illustrator by day, and foodie by night.

Stashin’ them away for when I’m London-bound!

Quick list in no particular order.

  1. Parsons – good food
  2. The Quality Chop house – best chips ever
  3. Padella – pasta!
  4. St John – bone marrow
  5. The Good Egg – fish & chips
  6. Wright Brothers – seafood platter and Happy Hour £1 oysters
  7. Bao – cocktails, deepfried stuff, rice bowls and bao.
  8. Dishroom – porridge (with free refill!)

All but #4 seem to be in operation. Last checked April 2021.

Surely, Pearl has given us a new appreciation for British food!

Check out also the documentary on Alain Ducasse:

photo credit – Padella’s green pasta: Eater London.