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Fall down seven times rise up eight Daruma style

An image of three Darumas | Where my heart leads

If you look closely at this photo, you’ll notice the red Daruma doll’s eyes have been filled out. And the little one up top still to be unveiled has eyes yet to be filled out.

Roughly a fortnight ago, a few of us joined the celebrations of a Chado senpai’s (senior) shop opening. And if you look closely at their logo, of a Daruma doll, only one of the two eyes are filled.

Curious, I asked about the origins and practice around filling the eyes of the Daruma. I was told that the Japanese would make a wish with a Daruma doll, kind of set an intent with it for a big step one would want to take – be it getting into university or launching a business, or going for a promotion, etc. When they put in the intent, the left eye of the Daruma is filled, and when the intent has been achieved or accomplished, the right eye is then filled. 

And the Daruma is in the shape of roly-poly – that may seem to fall but always gets up again. A reminder to get up and rise again. The saying goes specifically, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” Thus the Daruma is a symbol of perseverance and staying the path.

When asked when he’ll fill out the other eye of his shop Daruma logo, the senpai said with a smile, when I no longer have to work; as in, when I’ll work just for fun. 🙂


It’s quite something to see the shop being birthed from the start of the pandemic. Because his other venture had been restricted by the pandemic restrictions, he, his wife, and sister-in-law pulled together their talents and resources to first open up a small shop selling takeaways and desserts. And two years later, it’s a full fledged sit-down tea room/foodie haunt with indoor and outdoor seating. Looks like this senpai has many Darumas filled and more to fill – one by one.

Having a Daruma doll is a nice visual reminder of persevering and to stay on course, and even if you fall, to get up again and to reach your dreams. 

Image credit: Cecilia Wu

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