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Products of different systems

Imagine Us owning up to our differences

The massive vat of stir-fry appeared circa October 2018 at one of the Vipassana meditation camps in Japan. It was a slop of gooey soy-sauced corn-starch jumble of vegetables. I took a teeny bit and mostly filled my bowl with rice, and a massive serving of miso soup. On the last day of the 10-day silent Vipassana camp, silence was lifted and we got chatting. On food, a friend excitedly exclaimed, “The stir-fry was SOOOO good. I had extra helpings of it.” I thought, “You serious!? That was the most disgusting stir-fry I’ve ever seen.” She continued, “I loved the sauce.” “What!? The sauce was practically cornstarch goop.” I thought to myself. I saw a couple other Japanese nodding in agreement to my friend’s positive appraisal of the stir–fry. Thinking difference During the meals when I was thinking how horrible the meal was; there were people who really enjoyed it. The gooey sauce was a hit for Japanese taste-buds. I could see how it had resemblance to Japanese curry sauce or the demi-glace gravy-like sauce …

Director/Star Justin Chon (credit: George Ko, Giant Robot Media) | Where My Heart Leads

Justin Chon: ‘Strangebird’ on radar

“Do you want to watch gook?” my brother asked. “What’s it about?” “LA riots.” (LA riots? Never heard of it.) “Oh. No thanks.” As he was getting gook to play on tv, I looked it up. Halfway through the trailer, I called out from my room, “Ok, I’m watching. Start from the beginning, please.”  The film plays, I’m like, hey this guy looks familiar. He’s the YouTuber. Justin Chon felt like a ‘strange bird’ – quirky, yet real in his YouTube videos. He looked Asian, but wasn’t your ‘typical’ Asian kid – you can’t quite put a finger on him. In his older YouTube intros, against, fun, child-like music he peeks out from a plastic dumpster, flips open the dumpster lid and leaps out with a bouquet of colorful balloons in one hand and a big, wide grin on his face. As if he’s going to “litter” the world with colorful balloons in ways you wouldn’t expect. gook was refreshing gook was refreshing. The storyline was refreshing. The cast was Korean Americans and African Americans. It …